2018 Kona Coffee Expo – Breakout Sessions

12:30pm – Pacific Coffee Research

Pacific Coffee Research will demonstrate the protocol and tools necessary for on the farm coffee cupping. We will clarify the importance of coffee cupping and will point farmers in the direction of quality control support and resources.

1:05pm – Andrea Kawabata

Coffee root-knot nematode, it’s impact on coffee trees, methods of control and about our coffee root-knot nematode long-term field study.

1:30pm – Agri-Logic Consulting

AgriLogic will be providing crop insurance training through workshops, on-farm appointments,conferences, and meetings on Hawai‘i Island, Maui, Moloka‘i, O‘ahu, and Kaua‘i between October 2017and September 2018. These workshops cover the value of crop insurance programs, eligibility requirements, application deadlines, and agent contact information. AgriLogic can also provide general quotes for crop insurance premiums upon request.

2:05 Linda Kow

The USDA, Farm Service Agency (FSA) provides access to credit for commercial agricultural producers.  You may be able to get a loan or loan guarantee through FSA’s Farm Loan Programs if you are a farmer or rancher who is unable to get credit elsewhere to start, purchase, sustain, or expand your family farm.  Unlike loans from a commercial lender, FSA loans are temporary, and our goal is to help our borrowers graduate to commercial credit.  Once they are able to obtain credit from a commercial lender, our mission of providing temporary, supervised credit is complete.

2:25pm – Darrel Crisp of Little Fire Ants

How the bait station was developed and its benefits and features. Suggested applications to make the product most effective.

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